[2021-Mar-24] Advancing Medical Imaging with Artificial Intelligence


Institute of Information Systems and Applications


葉肇元醫師 Dr. Joe Yeh


Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman at aetherAI


Advancing Medical Imaging with Artificial Intelligence


13:30-15:00 Wednesday 24-Mar-2021


Delta R104

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Prof. Po-Chih Kuo


Ever since deep neural networks outperformed humans in image recognition tasks in 2015, there has been tremendous enthusiasm in finding application areas where this powerful technology can make impacts. Medical imaging has attracted a lot of attention because of readily available data and its key role in the diagnostic and treatment planning process. Notably, deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) outperformed human experts in diagnosing diabetic retinopathy, classifying skin disease, and identifying metastatic cancer cells in lymph nodes. Surprisingly, CNNs were also shown to be capable of predicting cardiac risk factors using color fundus image, and differentiating genotypes using histopathology images. These superhuman capabilities of CNNs have opened up many unforeseen opportunities for physicians to make better diagnosis and treatment planning. In this talk, I will use aetherAI’s real cases to illustrate how artificial intelligence have the potential to bring higher standards to medical imaging, to transform traditionally qualitative practice into a quantitative one, and to ultimately have impact on the clinical decision-making process.

All faculty and students are welcome to join.