[2021-Mar-31] NVC as an approach for mental health prevention in school- the Taiwan story


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鄭若瑟醫師 Dr. Joseph Jror-Serk Cheng

Senior consulting physician, Department of Psychiatry, China Medical University Hospital


NVC as an approach for mental health prevention in school- the Taiwan story


13:30-15:00 Wednesday 31-Mar-2021


Delta R104

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Prof. Yi-Shin Chen


Bullying, suicide, emotional and behavior problems were highly challenged issues in primary and high school. In literature, empathy training, restorative discipline are some approaches had been shown effective.

Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, not only developed Nonviolent communication (NVC) -an empathetic communication skill, he also devoted many efforts in Restorative Justice (RJ), he earned the “Princess Anne of England and Chief of Police Restorative Justice Appreciation Award” in 2002. Both NVC and RJ are based on humanism, many NVC centers in the world also offer RJ services. In Taiwan, Compassionate Communication (CC) (the other name of NVC) was more popular.

The Ministry of Justice start a pilot program of RJ Since 2009. Dr. Joseph Cheng and his wife Yi-Cheng Chen, the former president of Taichung Bar Association, follow the strategies of Government, join CC with RJ programs. They trained 40+ lawyers basic CC and RJ, they delivered short speech to more than 400 Taichung city schools from 2014-2020, sharing Kristensen’s film “culture of peace in school with CC”. Joseph and Linda combined CC, RJ and transformative mediation to develop Compassionate Restorative Dialogue (CRD) for conflict resolution. They offered training for RJ facilitator, teacher, school counselor. The Taichung Bar association cooperated with the Taichung City Department of Education, organized 3 days “RJ in school” every year since 2015, focus on CC for classroom management, CRD for bullying resolution. In addition to lawyers, Joseph and Linda team had joined with psychologists, counselors, social workers, psychiatric nurses, schoolteachers…founded a non-profit organization, the Association of Compassionate Communication and Restoration in 2019. The website of ACCR offers free learning and teaching materials, game manual, films, e-books, and cellphone APP. The vision of ACCR providing affordable, accessible learning empathetic communication for Chinese around the world. However, classical speech and workshop are costly, time consuming, low accessibilities for remoted area. Artificial Intelligence has been made many breakthroughs in recent years, for tackle the above challenges in learning CC, ACCR ambitiously bring up an idea: Can AI help human learning empathy? Learning CC? welcome experts of AI to join us.


Dr. Joseph Jror-Serk Cheng is an expert in community psychiatry, disaster mental heath and mental health policy. He was the former superintendent of Bali Psychiatric Center, Ministry of Health and Welfare. He had been involved in the development of mental health policy, quality improvement and promoting recovery movement in Taiwan. His current affiliation as senior physician at China Medical University Hospital.

Dr. Cheng was graduated and finish his psychiatric residency at National Taiwan University. He took an exchange scholar program at University of British Columbia in 1990. He got a MHS degree in Health Policy and Management at Johns Hopkins University in 1998.

During his term of presidency of Taiwanese Society of Social and Community Psychiatry, he successfully advocated the rename of schizophrenia to perceptual cognitive dysregulation in 2014. In recent years, Dr. Cheng put more efforts in primary prevention, in addition to advocate empathy learning, he run workshop of Compassionate Communication integrated with the framework of Restorative Justice, to help school promote social emotional learning, trauma informed and RJ based conflicts resolution in school, CC in medical and mental health professionals, RJ in legal system. He and his wife Yi-Cheng Chen, a lawyer and RJ facilitator, found the Association of Compassionate Communication and Restoration (ACCR) in 2019.

He was member of National Mental Health Advisory Counsel (2009-13). He currently appointed as the surveyor of Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT), member on the board of directors of: Taiwanese Society of Social and Community Psychiatry, Maria Social Welfare Foundation, Catholic St. Joseph’s Hospital, ACCR.

All faculty and students are welcome to join.