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Course Requirement for Master Student (ver.1061227)

Course Requirement for Master Student

Institute of Information System and Application, NTHU

  1. Each student has to complete total 24 mandatory credits, including
    • Course “Seminar”:  in both 1st & 2nd semesters (2 credits in sum).
    • Required Courses: At least 3 courses (with 3 credits each) offered from either ISA or CS of 5000-level or higher is required.

NOTE: students could add 4000-level course credits to mandatory credits only when the application is approved by both students’ advisor and the director of ISA. However, Required Courses cannot be fit in this application.

  1. Students also need to take course “Thesis” in both the 3rd & 4th semesters (at least 4 credits in sum), and these credits won’t be counted as mandatory credits.
  2. Prerequisites
  • There are 2 prerequisites, Computer Programming & Data Structure.
  • The credits of these courses won’t be counted as mandatory credits for graduation.
  • Students are expected to take and pass prerequisites before enrollment. If not, students MUST take and pass the prerequisites after joining in NTHU.
  1. Language requirement
    • For students whose native language is not English: minimum TOEFL score of 79(IBT), or TOEIC score of 750, or IELTS score of 6.0, or GEPT High-Intermediate level, or any other certificate of English proficiency approved by the institute.
    • For students with a degree from a university located in a native English speaking country, which is recognized by the Ministry of Education, can be exempted from the language requirement.
  2. These regulations were discussed and approved in the ISA Affairs Meeting.

Additional Note:

  1. In accordance with Article 62 Paragraph 8, student status will be suspended permanently by NTHU if students fail all courses (course “Thesis” not included) in current semester.
  2. Students who are enrolled since the academic year 2015 have to sign up for the online course “Academic Research Ethics Education” in the first year. Students MUST pass the course before his/her oral defense.



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