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Faculty Introduction


Our teachers come from Department of Computer Science, Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Center for General Education. Department of Computer Science supports the technology of network, database system, multimedia system, information retrieval and Artificial Intelligent Agent. Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management supports technique of electronic commerce, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management. College of Humanities and Social Sciences and Center for General Education support the technique of digital library and information communication. Besides, after ISA was formally founded in August 2001, we have three new full-time teachers.

Our teachers can be divided into four categories based on their research areas:

Research area of Group A is about management of information systems including internet multimedia, real time systems, pervasive computing, information security systems, web services, data base management, software engineering, information management, software engineering, high tech innovation and management.
Research area of Group B is about electronic learning.
Research area of Group C is about bio-informatics and medical information processing.

▼How to look for my supervisor
After the lists of successful candidates are published, you can find professors' information on the website, and contact with them directly.