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[2021-May-05] VR x Haptics: Using Innovative Haptic Feedback to Enhance VR Experiences

Institute of Information Systems and Applications


Prof. Hsin-Ruey (Ray) Tsai 蔡欣叡教授

政治大學 資訊科學系


VR x Haptics: Using Innovative Haptic Feedback to Enhance VR Experiences


13:30-15:00 Wednesday 05-May-2021


Delta R105

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Prof. Po-Chih Kuo


Virtual reality (VR) researches are growing in the recent years. To achieve immersive and versatile VR experiences, besides visual or audio feedback, many researches explore various haptic feedback in VR interactions. However, haptic feedback consists of complicated physical change, and is perceived by different neurons on the body. Therefore, a lot of haptic sensations are still not provided or explored by off-the-shelves products, such as Oculus and Vive with vibration feedback on controllers or Nintendo Switch Labo VR with some haptic feedback using cardboards, and relative researches. Therefore, there is still a gap between the VR haptic effects achieved by the current methods and the effects expected by users as in the movie Ready Player One. This talk is going to introduce a series of our VR haptic works to enhance VR experiences using innovative haptic feedback, and briefly share the process and experience of performing novel technique research in human-computer interaction (HCI).

All faculty and students are welcome to join.

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