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[2021-Jun-16] Validity and Reproducibility Of Computational Research

Institute of Information Systems and Applications


Prof. Soumya Ray 雷松亞教授

Institute of Service Science, NTHU 清華大學服務科學研究所


Validity and Reproducibility Of Computational Research


13:30-15:00 Wednesday 16-Jun-2021

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Prof. Po-Chih Kuo


Scientists and industries have always had to produce and analyze data as part of their research process. Using computational tools is now the major way in how scientific disciplines, from the social sciences to the life sciences, extract insights from their data. However, science is now facing a crisis of reproducibility: we simply cannot reproduce much of the studies published in many fields. As scientists scramble to fix how we conduct and publish scientific work, we must ask another troubling question. Is the computational work we use to conduct research also reproducible? In this talk, I will highlight several factors that threaten the reproducibility of modern computational research: system-level deviations, bugs in code, poorly written code, and fraud. We will also discuss some of the basic things we can do to enhance computational reproducibility, and talk about what still remains to be done.

All faculty and students are welcome to join.

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