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[2023-Dec-13] The Art of Space Saving: Indirection in Data Systems

Institute of Information Systems and Applications


Dr. Yun-Chih Chen (陳耘志博士), Postdoctoral Researcher, Academia Sinica


The Art of Space Saving: Indirection in Data Systems


13:20-15:00 Wednesday 13-Dec-2023

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Delta 103

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Prof. Te-Chuan Chiu



The talk will introduce you to the fascinating world of space management and how indirection improves system efficiency transparently. We will begin with the basic principles that power the fundamental data structure of process management and file system in operating systems and progress to more advanced applications such as memory compression, docker container, and data deduplication, which saves data transmission and improves storage efficiency in data systems with locality or sparsity. We will discuss recent research that improve memory utilization, allowing for a larger window in LLM inference. You will get an in-depth overview of diverse techniques, and we want to inspire you on how to use these techniques in your system.



Yun-Chih Chen is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Academia Sinica. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Information Engineering from National Taiwan University. His research focuses on the development of storage systems and the integration of hardware and software, with a particular emphasis on flash-memory-based in-storage computing.


All faculty and students are welcome to join.

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