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Application Procedure

  1. Go to NTHU International Student Online Application System


  1. Create your account

Create a Login ID (email account) and PIN (Personal Identification Number) to set up an account. Once you have an ID and a PIN, please click on "Send". The system will set up an account for you. You can’t start process before setting up your account.
A valid e-mail is required to continue the process, as this will be our primary means of communication with you. If you do not have a valid e-mail account please create one before proceeding.

  1. Fill out the Application Information

The application has five sections, which are “Applicant Information”, “Family Information”, “Education Background”, “Language Background”, and “Other Information”. When finished with each section, please click “Save” and then “Next” to proceed.

  1. Fill Out Recommenders and Send the Notice

Fill out your recommenders and click “Send Notice” to proceed.

  1. Pay the Fee and Upload Requirements

Pay the application fees and prepare materials required for uploading. The applicant must upload all application requirements listed on the check list.

  1. Confirm and Submit Your Application

The applicant must confirm and click “Submit” to complete the application.

  1. Track Your application

After submitting, the applicant can track the application status using the NTHU online system. 

  1. Step-by-Step



  • NOTE:
  1. The application procedure above is for “NTHU Admission” only. To apply for TaiwanICDF scholarship, please visit Applicatino Procedure. Fill out the online application forms and print them out. Then, submit this TaiwanICDF scholarship application form with the other required documents to the ROC (Taiwan) Embassy/ Representative or Taiwan Technical Mission in your country.
  2. It’s suggested to apply for International Master Program in Information Systems and Applications (TaiwanICDF) and Institute of Information Systems and Applications program simultaneously. In case of not receiving TaiwanICDF scholarship, the applicants still have a chance to be accepted by Institute of Information Systems and Applications program, and apply for other scholarships provided by NTHU, government institutions, or private organizations. Please refer to the link:
  3. Please make sure all the information is correct in preparation for a possible phone interview.
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